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Ten Fingers Touching is a romantic escape where true love, mystery and adventure intertwine in a fairy tale for adults.

The Story

Evil plots his return to power and Good fights to defeat Evil’s sinister plan. Caught between them in this epic struggle are two young lovers―Martak, master of the forest, and Marianna, a beautiful maiden and governess to Rosy, the impetuous, young princess. Evil’s desperate scheme to outwit Good and rule the Kingdom puts Martak, Marianna and the Princess at risk as they are drawn into the conflict.

Will the soulmates realize their “happily ever after?” Only if they unravel the curse and destroy Evil. In this land where magical forces vie for dominance, could true love be the most powerful weapon of all?

A beautifully illustrated, spellbinding tale for grown-ups, Ten Fingers Touching explores the complex nature of love and fate. It is an enchanting journey of romance, mystery and adventure. Ellen A. Roth’s award-winning, debut novella is an imaginative take on a classic genre―and a treat for the romantic soul.

She is now writing the screenplay adaptation of Ten Fingers Touching.


“Ellen Roth is a remarkable storyteller who weaves a spell in this sweet, sexy, romantic fable. At a time when it’s hard to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper because of bad news, this is a book to pick up instead. It will warm your heart.”
—Mackenzie Carpenter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“I was fully absorbed in this story, the rest of the world falling away while I lost myself in its pages. Roth’s elegant prose meld perfectly with the eloquently told tale.”
PURE JONEL, blogger

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