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Awards and Recognition:

• First place winner for Fantasy Fiction, TAZ Awards (2016).

• Recipient  of the Benjamin Franklin Digital Silver Award for exceptional content, design and use of technology (June, 2016).

• Named the Travel Size Good Read of the Month by the Fairytale Traveler (July 2015).


“Ellen Roth has so graciously given us a beautiful fairy tale written with passion and filled with love. Ten Fingers Touching is the embodiment of Ellen herself. Magnificently illustrated by John Blumen, this charming story is certain to be one we share for many years to come.”
― Nancy Heron, Community Business Development Manager, Barnes & Noble, The Waterfront, Homestead, PA

“Ellen Roth is a remarkable storyteller who weaves a spell in this sweet, sexy, romantic fable.  At a time when it’s hard to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper because of bad news, this is a book to pick up instead.  It will warm your heart.”
—Mackenzie Carpenter, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

“A bewitching love story that’s a fairy tale for grown-ups.”
—Jean Horne, Feature Writer, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

“Roth’s love story transcends the battle of good and evil in her classic fairy tale. The climax of the book is a revelation…A satisfying story for those who…enjoy a fairy-tale ending…Blumen’s stunning illustrations that accompany the text are a beautiful contribution.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Ten Fingers Touching is a modern take on the classic fairy tale. Beautifully written and illustrated, it combines all the hallmarks of the genre—adventure, romance, mystery and morality—with a wise and womanly viewpoint.”
—Marylynn Uricchio, Pittsburgh Columnist

More comments from fans of romance stories:

“Your tale is an intimate, tender story and your writing is captivating.”

“You have a special story and a unique voice. It’s a lovely fable that’s complex and multilayered, but it all comes together in the end.”

“Very enjoyable…written with love and imagination.”

Beautifully illustrated, Ten Fingers Touching is a timeless story of true love. This novella will appeal to anyone who liked The Princess Bride or The Bridges of Madison County.

Enjoy! And please let me know what you think!