Fairy Tale Trivia Questions!

fantasy oblects (3)Fairy tales have been transformed over the years.
Following are three trivia questions based on the original stories.

1) In Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault, after the Princess was awakened by the Prince and they married, why did the Prince keep his marriage a secret from his mother?
2) What is the original source material for Disney’s animated feature film, Frozen?
3) In Leprince de Beaumont’s Beauty and the Beast, what did Beauty’s father do that compelled her to live in the Beast’s castle?

1) She was an ogress by birth, had a bad temper and hated surprises.  Her wickedness shows when the Prince becomes King and goes off to war leaving his family behind and in peril.
2) Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen.
3) With good intentions, he plucked a rose from the Beast’s garden to give to Beauty but the Beast claimed he had stolen the rose because it was taken without
permission.  To prevent her father from being killed by the Beast, Beauty offers to sacrifice her life and live with him.

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