Interpretations of Good and Evil

ae70ec6bf9af7415647518f3bbcdf839I was delighted to receive as a gift this beautiful stained glass window pictured on the left. The artist very cleverly transformed the cover of Ten Fingers Touching into colorful pieces of glass, while still evoking the tender emotional content of the story.

It made me think about other transformations and how the images of Good and Evil are portrayed in the book. The story opens with a dramatic picture of Good.  Good is described as “a handsome woman with natural beauty etched by years of wise governing and maturity.”  Good is represented symbolically as a woman, albeit with magical powers. We can all recognize and identify what is good.

Evil, however, appears in many forms.  He “quickly morphed from a small, spiky reptile into one of his infinite incarnations―a fierce, 50-foot-tall dragon that reared on two legs….Just as suddenly the dragon twisted like a corkscrew…and then spiraled downward into a new form― a thin, angular man….” Evil further transforms himself throughout the story because symbolically Evil can be anything and appear anywhere at any time. Evil is deceptive and we can’t always recognize its presence.

To hear more of my thoughts about Ten Fingers Touching, you may wish to listen to this online interview with Author Magazine. Click here.

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