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3 images2-1While working on the screenplay adaptation of Ten Fingers Touching, I’ve also developed a talk on: Finding your Happily Ever After:  Lessons Learned from Fairy Tales.

Fairy tales endure because they are engaging, magical stories. They impart messages that resonate and linger beyond the narrative. My presentation discusses how fairy tales permeate our culture and their deeper meanings.

Fairy tales are represented everywhere. We see them larger than life in movies e.g., Cinderella, Into the Woods, Maleficent, Frozen and on television, e.g., Once Upon a Time.

Fairy tales have galvanized the fashion industry. Vogue’s spread on haute couture features fashions associated with Briar Rose, aka Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and others from storybook classics. Fairy tales are popular in contemporary humor as in  Smartphone, Smartphone, on a stick, who has the fairest profile pic? They inspire travel and influence our lives in countless ways.

Fairy tales also provide messages about simple truths that linger beyond the story. One such truth is ― share your feelings and show your love and affection. In Beauty and the Beast, when the Beast is dying, Beauty tells him that she loves him. Declaring her true feelings not only brings him back to life but turns him into a Prince! We also learn from this story not to judge people by their looks but by their good deeds.

Finding your Happily Ever After: Lessons Learned from Fairy Tales sweeps you into a timeless world of fantasy that inspires hope and happy endings.

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