Photo contest winners!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 10 Fingers Photo Contest. We received  a wide-range of outstanding entries and they were judged anonymously. There were so many good choices that the judges awarded three winners instead of two! Interestingly and totally coincidentally, the three images that were selected represent love at different stages of life!

Please join me in congratulating Lida Larsen, Sheree Lynn Ross and Lisa Fraley for their heartwarming photos!  Each will receive an autographed copy of Ten Fingers Touching!

Click on a gallery image to view the photo full size!

I hope you enjoy viewing these photos which speak volumes about loving relationships ― lifetime love, young love and childhood love!

Following are comments that accompanied the first two photos and provide meaningful context:

Lida Larsen wrote, “My parents always held hands. This is right before my father died.”

Sheree Lynn Ross took this picture noting: “My great niece Paige and her fiancé, Matt. They became engaged Dec. 10.”

Together, these three images are poignant examples of the power of non-verbal communication and show how trust, reassurance and comfort flow from a simple gesture.

My book begins and ends with two original short poems about ten fingers touching because holding hands with someone you care about creates a sense of well-being and an emotional bond. In the case of lovers, Martak and Marianna, ten fingers touching leads to greater intimacy that completes an emotional circle giving Markak the power to conquer evil.

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