Year-End Screenplay Update

This has been an exciting year. My writing partner, Steve Fine, and I finished the screenplay adaptation of Ten Fingers Touching.

Our Fall highlight was a Table Read with eight actors reading the script in the presence of two producers and other guests. The actors did a wonderful job bringing the story to life as we listened to the dialogue spoken out loud for the first time.

The purpose of a Table Read is to refine dialogue, but in the spirited discussion that followed, no one wanted to talk about words. We focused on two aspects of the content. First, was the film version intended to be rated PG-13 or R? The question was raised because the movie is not 100 percent faithful to the book. It has more depth, conflict, twists, turns, and passion! In the interest of garnering a wider audience, we agreed to pull back to PG-13, similar to the book.

The second issue related to Marianna, the female protagonist. The actors felt that in this era favoring strong female characters, Marianna’s role should be equal and parallel to Martak’s, the male protagonist. We’ve revised the screenplay showing a more powerful Marianna and hope to have the next version ready for review after the New Year.

Best wishes to all for a joyous holiday season and a healthy, fulfilling and peaceful New Year

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